“Kunst und Genuss” (Art and culinary delights) in Gruenstadt

  • Eröffnung - Opening
  • Ausstellungsraum - Exhibition Room
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  • Ausstellungsraum - Exhibition Room
  • Kunst und Genuss - Art and culinary delights
  • Organisatoren und Künstler
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The Exhibition Art and culinary delights in Gruenstadt was launched on Friday, March 10th with a vernissage at 6 pm in Gruenstadt, Hauptstrasse (Main Street) 7.
Together with other artists I will presemt my paintings there in a vacant building in the pedestrian precinct of Grünstadt.


Exhibition will be opened between March, 10th to April, 1st:

Friday and Saturday, 10 am to 6 pm
On Sunday, March 12th also 10 am to 6 pm

Vernissage on March, 10th @ 6 pm
Finissage on April, 1st @ 4 pm

Link to the Event Page (City of Gruenstadt

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