I would like to warmly welcome you to my homepage! I’m pleased you found the way to my site.
My name is Marion Schacht, and I would like to introduce myself and my work in the following pages.

P ainting for me means intuition, inspiration, to understand all life´s facets. First and foremost painting means expressing emotions, to reach people’s hearts without the use of words, just through working with colours and a brush. It is not necessarily the pictorial presentation, but the vague or hazy image should inspire the visitor´s fantasy and allow him to follow me into my world...

A s long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated by paintings, mainly by filigree water colours.
Once I got a box of water colours, this for me was the entry into the world of brush, canvas and paper…
First it was hard work and studying, but with time it became more and more spontaneous, intuitive and emotional, alongside with inspirations and approval for some successful paintings…

My Home

I was born in the palatinate, the sunny southwestern part of Germany. This is where I grew up and where I still live today – in the so called “Leininger Land” (a county named after a famous aristocratic family, the house of Leiningen). My studio is located in the outskirts of the medieval village of Neuleiningen, surrounded by the sun-blessed vineyards. Just as the grapevines love the palatinate´s mediterranean warmth, I also feel the comfort of this lovely climate, between the river Rhine and the palatinate forest.

Activities & Exhibitions

I t is essential for an artist to present his creations and to receive a feedback about his work. And of course the Internet with all of its opportunities is a perfect possibility to do this. But I am always glad about chances to present my paintings personally – on own exhibitions or together with artist friends. Here I would like to show a bit about my previous and recent exhibitions and presentations. Please stay curious…


2005-2012 Kleinkarlbach, historical vaulted cellar, during the christmas fair
2010-2014 The wine exhibition in “Emichsburg” hall, Bockenheim
Group Exhibition, together with LeiningerlandArt
2011 Kirchheim, Friedrich-Diffiné-House
Group Exhibition, together with LeiningerlandArt
2012 The vintner´s restaurant Brodback, Kirchheim/ Weinstrasse (German Wine Route)
2013 Interieur Designer´s shop “becco lifetex” in Frankenthal/Palatinate
2013 Enkenbach-Alsenborn, town hall
Group Exhibition, together with LeiningerlandArt
2013 to now
Neuleiningen, the Barthel’s yard, during the christmas fair
2014 Kirchheim, Friedrich-Diffiné-House
Gruppenausstellung mit LeiningerlandArt
2015 Grünstadt, old townhall Print Media
2015/2016 Exhibition of small-sized paintings in branches of savings bank “Vorderpfalz” (Palatinate) via
Kunsthaus Oggersheim
Foyer of county council, Bad Dürkheim
Print Media
Old town hall in Mainz-Bretzenheim, Kunst im Rathaus (Art in the town hall)
Print Media
2017 Grünstadt, Exhibition “Kunst und Genuss”
2018 Galerie im Schloss (Gallery in the castle) in the town hall Hemsbach
2018 Gallery Wageck – Contemporary Art in Grünstadt

I would like to invite you following my blog, to get News about and around me, about new paintings and upcoming events…