Online-Kurs: Lust auf Farbe?!

Online Kurs bei der offenen Kreativ-Werkstatt Bad Dürkheim Wann?16.03.2021 und 23.03.2021, jeweils 18:30 – 20:00 Uhr Wo?Auf Ihrem Rechner!! Haben Sie Lust, den grauen Alltag etwas bunter zu machen, Farben zu spüren und zu erleben? In einer inspirierenden Gruppe aus Anfänger*innen und Geübten finden wir gemeinsam Vertrauen in unsere eigene Kreativität. Wir entdecken Farben in ihrer Vielseitigkeit und erlernen den Umgang und die Kombination verschiedener Techniken und Malgründe. Unabhängig von Vorkenntnissen, Alter und Erfahrungen erforschen wir unbeschwert den eigenen malerischen […]

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Vernissage and Exhibition in the Gallery Wageck-Contemporary Art in Grünstadt

Many thanks to the numerous visitors of the vernissage of my exhibition from 28.09.2018 – 26.10.2018 in the Art Gallery Wageck – Contemporary Art, Grünstadt. It was almost a bit tight in the presentation room, but at least there was space for everyone. With a glass of Secco the visitors could exchange views with artist and gallerist in a pleasant atmosphere. After the opening speech, introduction and discussion of the paintings by Juergen Wageck and a short speech of my […]

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Exhibition in the “Galerie im Schloss” in the townhall of Hemsbach, March 15th, 2018

Exhibition in the “Galerie im Schloss”  in the townhall of Hemsbach Invitation to my Vernissage and exhibition opening on Thursday, March 15 th 2018, at 7 pm in the town hall of Hemsbach Schlossgasse 41 69502 Hemsbach Welcome by: Jürgen Kirchner – Lord Mayor – Introduction, Laudatio: Simon Becker Musical accompaniment: Con Timpano Exhibition Period: March 15th, 2018 to Mai 4th, 2018 Opening Hours:: Mo and Wed 07.30 am – 05.00 pm Tue 07.30 am – 03.30 pm Thu 07.30 […]

  • Kunst will erklärt werden - Art shall be explained...
  • Pinot Noir
  • Kunst will erklärt werden - Art shall be explained...
  • Zufrieden - Happy!
  • Der (noch) leere Ausstellungsraum - the (currently) empty exhibition room
  • viele Gäste im Austellungsraum - a good crowd in the exhibition room...
  • Auch die kleinen Dinge finden Beachtung - small things may attract attention, too
  • Großes Interesse zur Eröffnung - considerable interest in the opening
  • Fertig für die Ausstellung - Ready for exhibition!
  • Vorbereitungen - Preparations
  • Vorbereitungen - Preparations
  • Natural Art...
  • viele Gäste im Ausstellungsraum - a good crowd in the exhibition room...
  • Kunst will erklärt werden - Art shall be explained...
  • Zufrieden - Happy!
  • So lässt es sich aushalten - thus it is possible to endure...
  • Blumen! Got some flowers!
  • Hui-Ling Yang spricht für die Künstler - Hui-Ling Yang speaking on behalf of the artists
  • Die Aussteller beim Thema
  • Liebe Freunde zu Besuch - a visit from beloved friends
  • Eröffnung durch Bürgermeister Wagner - Opening speech by Mayor Wagner

“Kunst und Genuss” (Art and culinary delights) in Grünstadt – 4th Exhibition

On September 1st, the 4th exhibition within the scope of”Grünstadt Art” was opened by Mr. Wagner, the mayor of the city of Grünstadt. A host of interested visitors found their way to the vernissage in the rooms of Bahnhofstraße 10. Later, my co-exhibitors and I opened our doors in Hauptstraße 28a (former bakery Wilhelm). The currently empty sales room there is a perfect presentation place, with large shop windows, a great lighting and, of course, with a fantastic location.We were […]

New watercolour painting – “Fruehjahr” (Spring)

Just in time for spring and fitting to the nice weather these days now a painting with watercolours. The colours are applied on “Torchon”, an extra rough paper with an exceptional surface structure.   frühjahr | aquarell auf papier – watercolour on paper | 48 x 36 cm | 2017  

  • Eröffnung - Opening
  • Ausstellungsraum - Exhibition Room
  • vern_100317_3
  • Ausstellungsraum - Exhibition Room
  • Kunst und Genuss - Art and culinary delights
  • Organisatoren und Künstler
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“Kunst und Genuss” (Art and culinary delights) in Gruenstadt

The Exhibition Art and culinary delights in Gruenstadt was launched on Friday, March 10th with a vernissage at 6 pm in Gruenstadt, Hauptstrasse (Main Street) 7. Together with other artists I will presemt my paintings there in a vacant building in the pedestrian precinct of Grünstadt.   Exhibition will be opened between March, 10th to April, 1st: Friday and Saturday, 10 am to 6 pm On Sunday, March 12th also 10 am to 6 pm Vernissage on March, 10th @ […]

Facebook page started

Well, it took me a while, but now you can follow me on facebook:  

“Kunst und Genuss” (Art and culinary delights) in Grünstadt

Vernissage on Friday, March 10th at 6 pm in Gruenstadt, Hauptstrasse (Main Street) 7. Exhibition will be opened from March, 10th to April, 1st in Gruenstadt. The following artists are expected to take part: Hanns-Jochen Grimm Ulrich Koglin Manfred Krause Sigurd Otto Maechnich Andrej Peters Marion Schacht Karl Seiter Hui-Ling Yang Gerhard Zake The local wine makers Armbrust and Echter will present their wines from March, 10th to March, 12th and also will offer delicious tarte flambee. Exhibition will be […]

  • in der alten scheune - in the old barn
  • in der alten scheune - in the old barn
  • barthelhof - barthel´s yard
  • barthelhof - barthel´s yard

Christmas Market Neuleiningen 2016

Christmas fair 2016 in Neuleiningen, again in the beautiful surrounding of the “Barthelhof” (= Family Barthel’s yard). The first weekend was great, hoping for a good second one! Saturday, December 3rd from 3 pm – 9 pm Sunday, December 4th from 3 pm – 8 pm  

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  • goodies
  • publikum
  • musiker

Review to my vernissage for the exhibition Farb(t)raeume in Mainz-Bretzenheim

The old townhall in Mainz-Bretzenheim counts nearly 450 years now – indeed a historical, venerable Building, that would eventually tell us some good stories – if only it could speak. Another episode would be added now, about paintings, music and people – the little story about my Vernissage on Friday, September 9th 2016. If the old Building would have liked this evening? Well, it cannot speak, and so we will never know. Anyway, I received some good positive echoes by […]